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  • Why do you only have one air conditioner available?
    So many websites these days are flooded with options making it virtually impossible to choose! We have one product which does everything you could need in an air conditioner, it has all the functions you need so to save confussing the customer we just sell this one.
  • How well will this cool my room?
    The size of the room is key here of course. At 9000BTU this TruCool air conditioner is more than capable of efficiently cooling a good sized room - we would estimate it efficient for a room 26 by 26 feet. (8 by 8 meters). Other factors come into play such as insulation, whether the doors are all closed, electrical appliances on in the room (which generate heat), obviously the weather and also how the unit is installed/used (see the next question for further information)
  • Do i need to have an outlet (exhaust duct) to outside?
    The simple answer is no this isn`t a requirement for the unit to work, however if you understand the principle of how the unit works most efficiently they yes it is advisable. The TruCool air conditioner works by pumping cold condensed air into the room while sucking in the hot air already in the room and expelling it outside. So if you don`t have an exhaust duct to outside then the hot air will just be exited behind the unit back into the room, so the front of the room will cool down and the back will stay the same so the overall cooling effect will be reduced.
  • How is the outlet (exhaust duct) installed?
    The TruCool air conditioner comes with a 1.5m exhaust duct and a window adaptor which will fit a range of windows. Most people don`t have these units installed permantly as a feature in the home but just use them as and when required so most people will just open the window and put the exhaust duct out manually, either approach creates the same desired effect.
  • How big and heavy is the air conditioner?
    The dimensions of the TruCool air conditioner are as follows: 320×348×680(mm) or 12.6*13.7*26.8(inches) Weight - 22kg
  • How easy are these air conditioners to move around?
    The air conditioning unit has wheels underneath so it moves around easily, if you do need to pick it up then it`s not too heavy and has two lift handles on either side.
  • Does this has a UK plug?
    Yes, normal UK 3 pin plug for use in any UK socket.
  • How loud are these units?
    Any air conditioner has to not only expel cooled air firmly into a room but suck the warm air in and expel it - this is quite clearnly not a silent process! Anyone who has been abroad and experienced the air conditioners in hotel rooms will know they aren`t silent! Having said that at a maximum noise of 54db they aren`t loud but if you are having them on maximum cooling and you are trying to watch the TV then expect to have to raise the volume slightly!
  • Do i have to drain these
    Not often, and only when using dehumidifying mode. The reuse the water so emptying is not often.
  • Are these good heaters?
    We think the heating function of these units is a fantastic addtion and something a lot of these don`t have on the market. Anyone with a conservatory will know what even with a radiator in there they can be cold in the autum/winter and require another source of heat to warm them up! Our units can do this job, providing a good level of warmth to certain rooms when the main central heating is off or the room itself is naturally cool (conservatory/garage etc)
  • How does the wifi function work?
    A user downloads an app called Tuya Smart and then connects the unit to the app, then every function on the unit can be controlled via the app. Please note - only 2.5gHz wifi will work with this. You can then connect other devices to it.
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